Don’t Forget: Derek Hough Smashed Nikki Reed

Nina Dobrev, and Derek Hough smashed when she first broke up with Ian Somerhalder.  Kate Hudson obviously doesn’t know about the rebound tryst.  Matt Bellamy is praying Hudson grows close to Derek.  He’s no match for her A list ego, and Y-list talent.  Julianne Hough certainly has a girl crush on Nina.  Dobrev is her only link in Tinseltown.  We tried coercing Derek to come clean about being gay for pay with Mark Ballas to heighten his career.  Does everybody just smash everybody in this town?  Seems Hollyweird loves playing musical chairs with their bootys.  What’s next?  Nina Dobrev hooks up with Matt Bellamy?  Derek Hough humped Nikki Reed, Ian’s fiance. too..