Dr. Phil Sues National Enquirer For Exposing Nasty Secrets – Video

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He’s always going around telling people what to do and how to live. He has the formula to heal everyone’s life in one hour. The football player, turned talk-show king got his start thru Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions. Dr. Phil McGraw has been telling lies and ruining lives every since he ranked amongst Hollyweird’s top earners. Psychology was actually his daddy’s dream. Dr. Phil took the family’s business, and spun it into a multi- million dollar fortune.  That’s when he dumped his 1st wife, Debbie Higgins. She eventually died from cancer complications, and embarrassment.

“She didn’t want to be hurt and so she came to me, and lived with me for two weeks,” Bill Higgins (Debbie’s brother) told the National Enquirer. Dr. Phil is a cheating control freak according to his ex in laws. Debbie thought she was happily married while living in Kansas with the TV quack. A concerned neighbor blasted the hypocritical head wizard.

“Do you know when you go to the gym Phil brings women over to the house?” Debbie was stunned beyond belief.
“So she confronted him , and he says, ‘Oh get over it. It’s 1973, everybody does that.’ And she said, ‘You’re not going to do that to me,’ so she packed her bags and came to my house.”

She cried on her brother’s shoulder everyday. Debbie told her brother of Dr. Phil’s constant infidelity. He messed around on Debbie so much, she felt stupid and naive. It’s weird seeing Dr. Phil on TV, knowing he’s a cold blooded cheater in real life. Dr. Phil McGraw is suing the National Enquirer for blasting his secrets.  We think Phil is a fraud hiding a Hulk Hogan strong lust after new poochie, just like Bill Cosby.  Debbie’s daughter, Marci McCall, agrees:

“The other things my mom told me was when they were married and had those spas or health clubs, that he had a mattress in his office, and that he never wanted her to come up there.”

The Enquirer may be considered a tabloid, but we’ve been around since 1926.  Should Dr. Phil simply admit, he made mistakes in the past?  Or, should Phil risk ruining his reputation, and getting his mustache shamed off his face?  Will Phil McGraw’s past groupie love creep up to haunt him?  It happened to Bill Cosby.