The Dream Spills Tea On Jay Z Beyonce Kelly Rowland and Christina Milian

Beyonce is a Freak!I have been debating on whether or not I should post this tea, but I can’t hold it in any longer.

My friend has been “dating” Terius for a while now. She has been spilling tea the whole time, but I was hesitant on posting because I didn’t want it to get back to him or her. Me and her kinda fell out so I don’t give a fuq anymore.

Now don’t come for me on blowing up her spot. I’m purposely being vague on some stuff so it could be any one of his chicks. Yes my friend knows about the other girls and she doesn’t care. She even follows a couple of them on twitter and instagram. She’s just a regular chick trying to get a come up. She stopped taking her birth control as soon as he dm’d her. No lie. I’ll call my friend Sarah.

-Sarah says that he stays name dropping all the damn time and talks shit about everyone! He even clowns Ciara with Rih now. He says their rivalry is petty and definitely about how Chris used to fawn over Ciara when he first came out.

-Rih really was shook over Teyana

-He hates Neyo and Mike Will Made It

-He likes two fingers up his ass when getting head and an occasional rim job. He fleets. He doesn’t like to use condoms. He thinks she on the bc shot. Sarah lets him go raw because she wants a baby by him even though she said he might be gay. She’s risking her health for a check.

-She says he’s obsessed with Jay and Bey and creepily brings them up all the time. He obnoxiously calls and texts them in front of her to impress her. “Oh I forgot to reply to Bey. She had me cracking up the other day.” kinda stuff.

-Bey is the reason that her and Jay have distanced themselves from Kanye because she does not like having to fake it with Kim. The whole clique (mainly Solo) calls Kim Gladys as in a Glad trash bag. Jay has tried to make her come around, but this is one thing she has put her foot down about.

-Bey and Jay do in fact have threesomes but only with people who have as much to lose as they do. A couple of their regulars are Kelly and Rita Ora. I almost barfed because I always heard that Matthew was Kelly’s daddy too.

-He knows for a fact that Jay has sexed Kelly when Bey wasn’t around which is against their rules

-Terius thinks Bey had a surrogate as well, but he won’t say anything because he doesn’t wanna offend her or lose his status with them a la Kanye.

-Rihanna and Jay did and still do sleep together. Bey does not speak to her unless it’s necessary which is why she goes out of her way to never be around her. She smiles when necessary but rolls her eyes to whoever is looking.

-Bey and Rih have had SEVERAL heated exchanges in front of people about trivial shit like reality shows. eg Bey says that Kenya was wrong for flirting with Apollo. Rih was having a separate conversation but made a point to say Apollo should have been paying attention to his wife. Next thing you know the gloves are off.

-Terius said that Christina is a bad mom who doesn’t take care of herself. Doesn’t like her new fiance always being around Violet.

-He jokes about knocking my friend up all the time. He is obsessed with babies when they’re little and says that as long as he can afford them, he’ll keep having them.

-My friend thinks he wants Nivea back. He talks on the phone with her for a long time after he talks to their kids. She said it’s not romantic stuff, but just like best friends talking.

-He thinks Jay cheats on Bey because he knows she ain’t going nowhere. He’s on some “knock her down a peg or two” type stuff. Bey is not as confident as she seems and she self-depreciates a lot to make everyone around her laugh. He said she’s really silly and has a great sense of humor.

-He has walked up on Rih on Karruche’s twitter page.


More Recent

-Even the “blackbirds” (bey and her crew) have been clowning Gabby Union HARD since the engagement. Terius thinks is because of the little fling that Kelly had with D. Wade. He thinks she still messes around with him.

-Rih was hating HARD at the response that Bey’s album got. She was believing the hype that it would flop and was convinced that Bey had been taking public subliminals at her (the bey makes albums tshirts. the singles comment in her hbo documentary). She told him that she will never say Bey’s name in public again.

-He thinks that Bey jocked Rihanna’s style for the album, but he doesn’t care either way. Some of the songs Bey recorded for the album, but didn’t make it were meant for Rih. He thinks Bey did an alright album, but the no publicity thing is what is hyping it up and it’s just fueling Rih to make even bigger songs with him than Bey did. Apparently they get jealous when he’s working with the other.

-Rih still fucks Drake and her ex from Barbados. He has personally seen rih and melissa high and flirting with each other. –
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