Eminem Married To Victoria Secret Model

The hip community considers him a Rap God.  Throw in the fact that he’s a living legend, and rich as a bitch- it makes you want to slap the trailer park out of Eminem.  Kanye West waste his fame, and fortune on whores like Kim Kardashian.  As if your life doesn’t suck enough, Eminem has gotten engaged to Candice Swanepoel.  She’s not all that.  Just a smoking hot, 20 something, sparkly eyed, bi-lingual, Victoria Secret model.

Mrs. Mathers is by Em’s side on the Rapture Tour now, but she’s already made the Forbes list with her own talents. We don’t know how they met, because everyone knows Em is as socially awkward as Rihanna is ratchet.  We can however EXCLUSIVELY confirm that they’re more than just friends.   Sources close to TheHollyweirdTimes exposed the relationship .

“Marshall is in love with Candice.  She’s beautiful inside.  He admires her career goals, and ability to laugh easy. ”

Certainly the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt.  Candice, also known as Candi (Girl), has modeled for every relevant label in the book.  The Vogue cover girl has Versace, Tom Ford, and Chanel in her modeling portfolio.  Obviously, she’s a Model God, because Eminem  has mental  issues.  We thought he’d cry about Kim forever.

“Marshall has already purchased several rings for Candi, but hasn’t gathered the confidence to jump the broom.  He treats her as his wife, They have been together for years.”  Would you wife Candi Girl if you were Eminem?