The End of ChyRo – Kardashians Paid Blac Chyna Bestie To Leak Private DMs & Text Messages – Boiling Hot Tea!


This is one convo between Chyna and her lawyer Walter about getting married in order to trademark the Kardashian name. This has all just been a game to her as you can see in the next post...
DECEMBER 8th!!!!!! So shady and look how she says until we win! Stop using Rob! You already had his baby out of spite !!
This is her and young thug convo where he says he needs her so she asks for money and then she meets him. That # was Chyna's old # as she gave it out to multiple men. I will post another dm with her giving same #.
Chyna and Jaden talking followed by Chyna giving Jaden her old 610 #. Same # that she gave to young thug. See next post
This girl went after anything that involved Kylie or Tyga. So sad. So she went to have a baby out of spite with her baby daddy's girlfriends brother 😹😹😹😹😹
Next I am going to post my messages with my best friend Treasure talking about my plans with Rob.
Chyna calling Rob lazy, fat, insecure to her best friend.
Here Chyna says how she only giving Rob 1 year and she's gone. Talk about faith and loyalty for someone who gave you so much.
Look at these girls talking about beating their men.
Once again the way she has no faith in Rob someone who has had faith in her this entire time. Stuck up for her. Even went against his entire Fam for her and look at her agenda... see next post.
And this is what Chyna's plan is from the other day. Rob just got her into a brand new 8 mill dollar home and she already has plans to leave him and get her own 10 million dollar house ALONE with the babies with NO ROB. Just ALONE. No faith. She did all this for fame and attention and in spite and it's very sad and I feel bad for Rob.
All I'm gonna say is women will pop out a baby for money fame and revenge and not love - all the time . As fucked up and raw as that sounds .