False Prophets – LaPorsha Uses God To Justify Sleeping With Married Men


LaPorsha Belle openly admitted to sleeping with married men. We’re unsure if she could survive a marriage, after playing the ‘other woman’ for so long. Her heart is soured with jealousy and distrust. Does Miss Belle lack confidence? Are all the good men married, or in jail? Not very many women will admit being a side-hoe. Miss Belle told everybody on Facebook how her days of being a side piece, led to a ‘spriritual’ awakening.

One of my mandates on earth is to help God build and construct families back together and brought to a healthy place. The very thing the enemy tries to use against you, it is your ministry. I was brought up in a dysfunctional family, and was always the OTHER WOMAN. But GOD is now using me to restore families. Your shortcomings could be your promise. #HeartOfWorship

Do you believe LaPorsha is some sort of Mary Magdalene?  Would you leave LaPorsha around your man?