Sinister Rise Of The Death Vans

The kind folks in Chinese government discovered a neat and cost efficient way to dispose of law breakers.  Try pulling a tax scheme, or snatching a purse if you dare!  The region adopted mobile execution vans.  The execution van is eerily similar to the van Antonio Martin’s dead body was carted off in.  The criminal is strapped to a stretcher and killed inside the van.  The death vans proved a cost efficient way  to control the population punish crime.

What’s more mind-blowing?  The murder vans appear to be a normal police van on the outside.  The rear of the vehicle houses a spooky, windowless chamber where the murders are committed.  Several cameras are present, so sadist can relive the terror.


According to undercover investigations by human rights’ groups, the police, judiciary and doctors are all involved in making millions from China’s huge trade in human body parts.

Inside each ‘death van’ there is a dedicated team of doctors to ‘harvest’ the organs of the deceased. The injections leave the body intact and in pristine condition for such lucrative work.

After checking that the victim is dead, the medical team first remove the eyes. Then, wearing surgical gowns and masks, they remove the kidney, liver, pancreas and lungs.

Little goes to waste, though the heart cannot be used, having been poisoned by the drugs.

The organs are dispatched in ice boxes to hospitals in the sprawling cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which have developed another specialist trade: selling the harvested organs.

At clinics all over China, these organs are transplanted into the ailing bodies of the wealthy – and thousands more who come as ‘organ tourists’ from neighbouring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.