Free Transgender Reassignments For Jail Inmates #ThanksBruceJenner

In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s coming out party, the Justice Department told a court they cannot deny transgender prisoners hormone therapy.  It all started with Miss Ashley Diamond.  Ashley is in jail for violating parole on a theft charge.  Weirdos suggest that not allowing Diamond, a transgender,  therapy is violation of the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.  Government lawyers threatened a federal judge.  Top officials for Southern Poverty Law Center are defending Ashley Diamond for national limelight and exposure.  They claim Diamond had been living as a woman, and taking feminizing hormones for the last 17 years to grow her titties, and ass.  When she went to jail, they snatched her wigs,and  thot clothes.  The hormone therapy was cut short- right along with his freedom and sunlight exposure.


Since incarceration, Ashley Diamond has been raped in the buttocks repeatedly.  Withdrawal from the weird hormones also caused him to get addicted to self mutilation.  Ashley Diamond is so depressed, he’s tried committing suicide.  Thank God for Bruce Jenner.  Now the Justice Department is focused on tranneys.  They filed charges against Oklahoma State University for discriminating on a trans- professor.  They also pressured President Obama’s Administration  to give hormone therapy treatment to Pvt. Chelsea Manning.  Although she sold military intelligence, he gets to keep his lingerie and sweet perfume.