Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reboot Stars Famous Transgender – Exclusive Tea

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is so talented, he went broke- but got RICH again.  Will Smith, a suspected bisexual and child star, is bombing at the box office.  Don’t worry.  Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp aren’t selling movie tickets either.  Cable is dead.  TV is next.  Studies suggest that the minority of people between 17- 49 years old spend elephantine hours on social media.  Hollyweird is sick of Ryan Seacrest.  Sony’s hack exposed snobby elitist narcissist attitudes. The movie business is taking a Rih Rih beating.  It’s a terrible idea to ‘reboot’ Full House, but executives are horny for a comeback entertainment sensation like Brangelina.  Then, Jaden Smith floated in Coachella switching like a bitch in a mini dress and rose headband.  Fresh Prince is getting a reboot starring Kylie Jenner’s leftovers – Jaden Smith.  NBC Tinseltown agenda pushers know that reviving Fresh Prince of Bel Air is their only shot at FOX freshman – Empire.

But ssshhhh….. keep this between us?

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