Killer Cop Henry Solis LAPD Military Transition To CIA in Mexico

When Henry Solis‘ daddy dropped him off in El Pas0, he stared into the camera and mouthed ‘mission accomplished’.  Ciudad Juarez has never seen a vato more intelligent, and smooth.  The rookie LAPD cop, and US Marine veteran, had no criminal record until he smoked a Hessay in Pomana, California.  A night club turned into bloody horror on March- Friday the 13th.

Authorities, and family members are appalled.  How could officer Henry Solis be a murder suspect?  Henry hated cops who broke the oath, and felt honored to be a member of LAPDs finest.  A Dodger, and Angeleno- Solis grew up in Boyle Heights and the Antelope Valley.  He was apart of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and eventually got promoted to sergeant.  Very few Jar Heads are inducted the Marine Security Guard.  They (MSG) are an elite unit who protects classified information.

What did Salome Rodriguez Jr do, or whose bitch did he screw?  Was Salome a dope dealer, or nah?  Records claim they got in a heated argument that led to a fight.  Solis chased Rodriguez on foot, and shot him 5 times.  The same Henry who represented America’s embassies and provided security to prestigious diplomatic staff, is the same Henry who’s joined forces with Knights Templar.

Everyone knows Mexico’s bloody violence has spewed into Southern California.  Aquatic Crack has Mexico going nuts.  Was Henry Solis assigned to infiltrate Mexican drug lords?  Did Henry Solis get a promotion for killing Salome Rodriguez?  Did Henry Solis use his intellect, and San Elizario connections to move up Hollyweird’s ranks?  Do you believe the Los Angeles Police Department has a gang?  Is Henry Solis involved with the ‘3000 boys’?  LATimes knows what’s going on:

“We are alpha dogs who think and act like the wolf, but never become the wolf,” one passage stated, comparing criminals to wolves. Another passage stated, “We are not afraid to get our hands dirty without any disgrace, dishonor or hesitation… sometimes (members) need to do the things they don’t want to in order to get where they want to be.”

Henry Solis is armed, and dangerous.  His daddy (is sitting in the federal penitentiary for dropping his kid off at the border) said Henry vowed to never be seen again.

What do you think?