We all know what Compton is known for . . . Game. Besides that, some of the greatest rappers of all time have come from here. It’s where N.W.A.(Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince) call home, DJ Quik, MC Eiht, and current hip-hop stars such as YG, Tyga, and Kendrick Lamar come from. Basically, if you’re going to walk up to random citizens in this part of L.A. asking for an opinion on your rhymes you better come correct.

Picture this: A little guy wearing a tee with a wolf’s face on it, colorful shorts with a makeshift shoe string belt, red shoes with high socks and black rimmed glasses. He politely asks for the unsuspecting participant’s take on his “first song.” There’s no way he’s gonna impress, right??

His first line hits hard, “I’m the most underrated / everybody say they spitting fire like a dragon / watch me come and slay em.” OK. It only gets grimier from there, “And I’m causing mayhem when I rap / got a coffin in the back / if you talking in the coffin’s where you at / I’m sick / I’m coughing on the track / I’m exhausted from the rap / I’m trying to kick it with a broad that’s on the map / make her squirt like a dolphin out the hole on his back.” UGHHH. Dude is raw and I don’t think I need to tell you that!

You can tell by the expressions of all the people that homeboy spits for, they are stunned by his skills. “Finders in keepers / I’m all in their speakers / the word’s getting out / that dude Futuristic is spitting like he chews tobacco all up in his mouth!” Safe to say . . . the secret’s out, and if it isn’t then it will be. SOON. Futuristic is this young spitter’s name and he’s nice. Bottom line he hits hard with this “cameo” appearance on DawsTV. This is a verse from the song “The Greatest” off of his upcoming album. Watch the Video at TheOfficialGame.com