George Zimmerman Gets NAACP Award

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Willow Smith may be sleeping with an adult man, but NAACP just blessed George Zimmerman with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Is this just to piss on Trayvon Martin’s grave? Social activist pretended to be  impressed by the accused killer’s free boxing lessons to black kids at the YMCA.

The website released a weak statement, like everything is cool now.

“Everybody makes mistakes, and George Zimmerman certainly made a big one. However, since his acquittal on murder charges he has become a pillar of this community.

“Every day George comes into the gym and jousts with young black men. As an expert boxer, he could be paid thousands for his work. But he doesn’t ask for a dime. Do you know why? Because George Zimmerman cares about the black community.

“The NAACP hopes this award will help heal the racial divide in our state by illuminating the fact that there is good and bad in everyone, no matter what their race.”