Hollywood Demands Tom Cruise Dump Scientology Or Else – Creepy Video

We ain’t calling Tom Cruise a wack job, but Hollyweird is afraid of him.  Katie Holmes fled from his Scientology hell, just like Nicole Kidman.  Showbiz executives are afraid the church like cult is sabotaging Tom’s acting career.  Cruise is being urged to dump Scientology, before we replace him with Jake Gyllenhaal.  Going Clear describes the Scientology church as sinister.  Insiders claim Tom is a nasty jerk behind closed doors.  Could this explain why Jamie Foxx is popping his cock in Katie’s mouth?  Why doesn’t Katie Holmes allow Tom Cruise to visit Suri?  Is Tom brainwashed by his failing career, and Illuminati church?  DailyMail admits the #GoingClear horror film exposes:

1) Allowed his children to be turned by Scientologists against his former wife Nicole Kidman in their bitter divorce and custody battle – through fears that she was a Suppressive Person, or ‘SP’ in Scientology speak.
2) Conspired with the Church to wire-tap Kidman’s phone as part of a deliberate effort by the Scientologists to break up the marriage. (Kidman had been further identified as a “PTS’, or ‘Potential Trouble Source’ because her father was a psychologist and the Church doesn’t like psychologists.)
3) Had Scientology employees work on his cars, motorcycles and living quarters at the Church’s various residences for slave labour rates of just 40 cents an hour.
4) Ignored myriad abuses, both physical and psychological, by the tax-exempt ‘non-profit’ Church – while at the same time accepting lavish gifts and honours from them..
5) Has an unsettlingly close relationship with Scientology leader David Miscavige, a man portrayed by many ex members of the Church as a manipulative monster.

When actress Nazanin Boniadi couldn’t stomach Tom’s lustful demands, he made the bish clean toilets with a toothbrush.  Piers Morgan warned Tom Cruise: Hollyweird is no faithful girlfriend.

“Judging by the horrified reaction from the public on social media, it won’t work.  He cuts off the Church of Scientology with the same ruthless selfishness he seems to have deployed in the first selecting and disposing of the woman in his life. Or, in the wake of this factual horror movie, I suspect Hollywood will finally cut HIM off.”

Don’t Forget:  Suri Cruise spooky room on Oprah.  Watch the eerie video below (2:40)