Guy Accidentally Sends Girlfriend Video Of Himself Cheating On Her — With Their Dog

One guy is in hot water after he accidentally sent his girlfriend a video of himself cheating on her — with their dog. According to Swindon Advertiser, David Buchanan got extremely bored while his girlfriend was away at work on Saturday, Mar. 7. He’d reportedly been watching pornography on the Internet, but watching sexual acts wasn’t enough. So, he decided to have sex with their 10-month-old dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Then, to make matters worse, he reportedly decided to record his own pornographic film with the dog.

It has been reported that he used their tablet to film the horrific act. However, he forgot all of the files on the tablet are automatically synced to her cell phone via Apple’s Cloud. As soon as he saved the video file, the 29-second clip was sent to her cell phone. Needless to say, she was extremely mortified after viewing the shocking sexual act. So, she immediately contacted local authorities. Buchanan was arrested on sexual assault charges.