Gwen Stefani Ignores Health For Fame – Gavin Rossdale Forced Out

Gwen Stefani may seem she has it made, but nah.  She’s pushed Gavin Rossdale’s career to Area 51. The bleached weave rocker is doing a crummy job of juggling Hollywood, and family.  Now we see why Gavin was busted groping the nanny’s fanny.  The Orange County Girl, turned casting couch THOT, is focused solely on being skinny and successful.

Gavin Rossdale has ignored twisted, recent, fantasies of male sex.  #NoJohnTravolta  He denied smashing British Pop singer, Marilyn’s, sexy booty.  Honestly, Apollo was a ‘make it or break it baby.  He was Gwen’s last attempt at saving the marriage.  Gwen admitted to being vain.  Rossdale really loves his life with Gwen and the kids.  It’s Stefani’s fault he’s forking the nanny, and the manny.  Zuma, and Kingston are rightfully confused.

Nobody knows this, but Bubba Gump’s surfers claim Gwenny had a nasty miscarriage shortly before the birth of Apollo.  Gavin is afraid she may find his gay porn stash, and he’s worried about her failing health.  Let’s start with the fact that she’s reunited with No Doubt.  The group just happens to include her hot ex- boyfriend.  Gwen will also coach The Voice Season 7, but she’s greedy.  Why is she vowing to force LAMB’s NYC Fashion Week comeback?  The baby’ is only a few months.  Is Gwen a queen because she’s a machine?  She’s risking her family, and health for limelight.  Did she forget her obligation to be a mother?  Just because Gavin’s a great dad, doesn’t mean he can’t use some quality blonde ass, and bright red lipstick stains around his cock.  The nanny is tired of sleeping with Gavin for Gwen.