Here’s Why Johnny McDaid Dumped Courteney Cox

HollywoodLife told everybody that Cox was ‘devastated’ when Johnny McDaid dumper her.

‘They were going to counseling because they were having issues and fighting a lot, about everything,’ the source said.
‘He just decided he wanted to separate. He hasn’t really given a reason, but mainly said he wants to focus on his music and can’t take the fighting.’

Truthfully, Courteney Cox is an egotistical manic, obsessed with her Hollyweird career.  Her addiction to botox and fillers turned McDaid off.  Johnny loves Cox, but her obsession with being youthful became embarrassing.  All Courteney ever wants to do is get drunk, have sex, and get surgery.  Johnny doesn’t have an appetite for fame, while Cox is trying to rekindle her superstardom.  What will her Friends think now?