Hollyweird Traffic Solution #SkyTran Photo

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Sick of dealing with the daily traffic congestion on the road? Soon you may not have to. The aerial mass transit system features “cars” that magnetically glide 20 to 30 feet above the ground along elevated tracks.
Skytran, based in Mountain View, California, has been developing the system for five years. The pilot project will debut in Tel Aviv at the end of October.
The system will run for about 900 feet on the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries, which partnered with SkyTran to develop the cars.
Initially, just one car will run on the track. The car, which can hold up to four people, can travel as fast as 60mph. SkyTran hopes to eventually add several more cars to its debut system.

If all goes well, the company expects to expand to at least three other Israeli cities and some U.S. cities by 2018.
An overhead mode of transport is cheaper and simpler to build than railroads and subways — and it’s also more environmentally friendly, said Jerry Sanders, CEO of SkyTran. – CNN Money