No Wonder James Harden Ruined Game 5 In The Playoffs

James Harden convinced his teammates they were champions.  Turns out, they aren’t champions of anything but the night club.  Golden State Warriors put them paws on the Houston Rockets in game 5.  Fans cried, but were excited to see the screwed up clique advance so far in the NBA Finals.  They were just a small step away from the championship round.   Timmy Chan addicts in H- Town  claim James Harden was off his game because he’d eaten a 72 oz steak dinner.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch has so many customers, they’ve been forced to find a new address.  A brewery, and motel- the restaurant has the entire Texas panhandle on fleek.  Amarillo, Texas used to be a ghost town with a few rest stops for gasoline.  James Harden had BIG reasons to celebrate his career’s peek.  He told his entire team about the potent beers, and over sized steaks.

James Harden couldn’t resist the challenge.  Big Texan Steak Ranch offers a free 72 oz steak dinner, but you have to finish in 1 hour.  Poor Harden couldn’t finish it in time.  Besides 72 ounces of steak meat, the meal comes with dinner rolls, salad, 3 shrimp, and a fat baked potato.  Harden was sick after scarfing a huge portion of the meal, he scored a miserable 14 points in Game 5 against Golden State.  That didn’t stop him from turning up in the club.