How the Government Is Secretly Making Your Kids Gay – Video

Rio Mesa High School (Oxnard, California) is just one of thousands surrounded by vast produce fields across the US.  Parents are worried that chemicals used to protect squat, green plants, and strawberries, and harming the kids.  The workers in the fields have masks on. The neighboring school children exercising in team sports, do not have the same protective gear.  Ventura County stirred a flurry of concern about the potential dangers.  They have every right!  The California Department of Public Health flagged Ventura with the most children attending schools near the heaviest pesticide use.  LATimes Reports:

By the end of 2015, the Department of Pesticide Regulation plans to propose new rules that could require growers to implement buffer zones, notify parents and school administrators of nearby pesticide use or limit their use of certain application methods.

The action comes after government reports and news articles detailing heavy pesticide use near California schools. In some cases, growers were allowed to exceed state pesticide application limits, even as air quality monitors in nearby communities detected the chemicals at levels above the state’s health targets.

What is really going on?  Is the US government experimenting on minorities again?  Tyrone Hayes claims the pesticides are manipulating our children’s hormones, and making them gay.  Where did your gay son or daughter attend school?  Is it near a large garden?  Find out more HERE, and watch the video below.