How To Get Playboy Attention In Your 40s ? P_ssy Magnets

Belinda Carlisle was the Harry Styles of the Go- Gos.  When everyone else got old, and addicted to dope- Carlisle kept it pushing.  What is Belinda’s secret to staying vibrant?  Carlisle is in her late 50s, but killing most Hollyweird thots in their 20s.  Playboy begged her to pose, at the ripe age of 43.  She tried giving Holly’s, weirdos, ‘game for free’.  She painfully admitted  stuffing her panties with magnets!

Belinda Carlisle praises magnets for banishing her hot flashes caused by menopause.  She admitted to sweating harder than a black kid in Ferguson, Missouri.  She was always drenched with floods of  hormones. Belinda had to cancel a few concert tours, and carry around an extra set of clothes.  Basically, her poochie was hotter than Farrah Abraham’s sex tape.  A few years ago, she decided to try an antique home remedy- attaching a magnet to your underwear.