Ian Somerhalder Is Not Marriage Material – Sorry Nina Dobrev – Video

According to a fan on Ian-Somerhalder.com,  Ian “never dates people he works with”  anymore.  A fan responded with: “except one.”  To that, Somerhalder replied, “actually twice.”

Vampire Diaries

Since he’s supposedly broken things off with Nina Dobrev, fans were hoping they could steal a piece of his pie.

“You do not want to be married to me. Trust me. I’m a workaholic. I’m never home. I have eight animals … Yeah, they’re adorable, but what ‘til you’re living with them … Their turds are about the size of this microphone. I mean, it’s all day everyday.”

Listen to Ian at the 3:47 mark.

Ian Somerhalder

  • Tina Isabella

    He states he is not marriage material — what do you call the relationship with him and Nikki?

    • I bet the on set chemistry is super ‘weird’.

      • Tina Isabella

        True especially if the reports are true that he plans on marrying Nikki soon. Nikki’s divorce becomes final this month. I am sorry but she does not look like she is in to him. Every time he posts something about her he ends it with Love, Ian but she has never ended hers that way. I do see that under google.com her status with Paul has been updated but not on whosay.com Even look at the pic with them on the horses. He has his arm around her neck but she looks like she is about to fall off the horse.

        • Nikki Reed needed the limelight. Sadly, Ian better find a new job quick. No More #TVD. Pretty metrosexuals come a dime per dozen in this town….