Is Jimmy Iovine Another Donald Sterling? Let 50 Cent Tell

50 Cent, Jimmy Iovine

Everyone in the hip hop community has been wondering what’s up with 50 cent.  We heard he impregnated a few groupies.  Nobody can ignore his ninja like photos on social media flaunting all his cash.  50 was unsuccessful at ending Officer Rick Ross’ career.  Even Oprah knows he’s a talent.  We haven’t heard much from him on the music scene, but why? 50 Cent told Cosmic Kev with Power 99, that Jimmy Iovine hates his guts.

“The last communication I had with Jimmy, we was actually talking and Jimmy tells me he doesn’t like me.  For whatever reasons — the miscommunications or his interpretation of why I’m actually doing things that I’m doing [is why he doesn’t like me].”

It’s hard for stars to accept they aren’t hot anymore.  Jimmy refused to release his 5th album over 100 times.

“Just get me off the actual label before the s— goes bad, because I’m not getting the actual response I want out of the material that I’m releasing with them, and it’s to the point that I’m not even trying to put the right thing out,” 50 complained. “I’m just sitting here, ‘Put that one. Get that one.’ You can’t get a song with Em and Adam Levine? What can you get?’ They didn’t get anything on Kendrick [Lamar] until after the record sold.”

The problem is- 50 is from an era where rappers created beef to own the throne.  50 ignited unnecessary enemies on his incredible rise to fame.  Now, everyone dances in the hip hop culture.  Everyone is friendly, and they’ve all joined forces.  The Jimmy beef started when Curtis Jackson launched SMS radio to compete with Beats By Dre.  Either way, 50 is good.   “I’m better by myself.  It’s not speculation, it’s factual.”