Is Your Religion Offensive?

Pretty impressive: Hilaria Baldwin performs her latest yoga pose in high heels and does the splits while doing a handstand

Praise God!  Just make sure you’re in the comfort of your personal life.  Studies show that people who promote their religion, are least likely to get hired.  We aren’t saying don’t have faith.  Have faith that including your religion on your resume, or in your interview, will ensure that you never receive a call back.  Job hunters are accidentally sabotaging their chances of being hired.  Hinting that you’re a committed follower of a certain religion often results in job termination.  Don’t discuss your religion.  Refrain from outwardly worshipping if you’re trying to get hired, or competing for a new position at work.

Jewish are most likely to get contact, and employers are afraid of Muslims.

Meanwhile, we’ve included the trailer for a new highway to hell, Black Jesus.  Tell us how you feel in the comments below.