Joel Madden Busted Cheating Again – Poor Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie regrets hooking Cameron Diaz up with Benji Madden.  While they’re smashing every night in newly wed bliss, Nicole is practicing being a single mother.  Joel Madden was busted cheating again.  This time, Paparazzi snapped pictures to prove it.  Nicole is humiliated beyond belief, and quietly speaking with divorce attorneys.

Richie’s dad, Lionel Richie, is denying divorce rumors.  Candidly Nicole is candid about everything accept her rocky showmance.  Nicole forgave Joel for forking his Voice co-star, but only because he promised to never let it happen again.  Joel wouldn’t be so horny, if Nicole gave him some affection sometimes, instead of treating him like a manny.  Joel Madden craves respect more than freedom.

Do actions speak louder than words?  Joel Madden took a mysterious, young ,blonde to a pricey Beverly Hills eatery in broad daylight.  Celebrities know 90210 host paparazzi, and usually go there with intentions on making tabloid headlines.  What about the poor kids, Harlow and Sparrow?  Is Joel fed up with being Nicole’s flunky?  Do they have a hot young nanny like Gwen Stefani and Bennifer?  What’s really going on?

Nicole Richie freaked out, stormed off to Cancun Mexico with friends, and hit him with divorce papers.  This was the very last straw.  He tried getting kinky with his Voice co-star, Jessie J.  Plus, he was busted texting his old flame, Hilary Duff. Joel Madden, and Nicole’s divorce is certain.