Justin Bieber Tyga Beef Over a Bitch

Tyga with Chantel Jeffries

EXCLUSIVE REPORT:  Kim Kardashian laid the blueprint for Hollywood’s young stars with the deepest throats.  While Blac Chyna is focusing on mommy-hood, and climbing  Burbank’s social rankings- Tyga has fallen in love with Chantel Jeffries.  The two hooked up at one of Justin Bieber’s wild drug, and stripper filled shindigs.  Bieber never dumped Chantel.  He is just always traveling, and super promiscuous on Percocet.   It’s simple.  With Justin, Chantel is ‘one of’.  With Tyga-  Jeffries is ‘the one’.

Chyna never thought Michael Stevenson would leave her hanging.  She stopped stripping.  Blac Chyna helped solidify Tyga’s rap persona, but now she’s just a baby momma.  Chantel Jeffries is rumored to be explosive in the bedroom.  They say she can suck a watermelon through a water hose.  Cocaine makes Jeffries a very naughty girl.  Tyga is pressured to believe this is the life he deserves.  Tyga doesn’t seem to mind that Chantel is a THOT.  She’s gorgeous,and fun to kick it with.  Although they’ve been friends less than 90 days, Tyga is actually in love.  You didn’t hear this from us-  but Tyga has already spent millions of his advance on Chantel’s  lavish trips, kinky friends, and bomb ass handbags.  Sure Bieber may have a thicker hairline, but he never has time.

Is T-Raw wild for smashing Justin Bieber’s leftovers?  How would Chantel Jeffries respond to a marriage proposal from Tyga?  Will Tyga, and Bieber beef like Drake and Chris Brown?  Should Selena Gomez smash somebody from Bieber’s new #RichGang crew?