Kanye West Pissed With Ryan Seacrest – Bromance Gone Wrong

Ryan Seacrest is gobbling every job in Hollyweird.  We hate him for having radio and TV in an Ebola ward.  We aren’t getting any return calls after we audition.  Ryan is the metro sexual forcing us to Keep Up With The Kardashians.  While Kim is the new American Idol, Seacrest is wheeling & dealing with Coca Cola, Ford, and Proctor & Gamble.  He dropped a zillion bucks on a royal gym. Rumors claim he keeps a fully stocked locker, and gym bag, at every 5 star hotel in the world.  Image is everything to Ryan.  He dumped Julianne Hough for getting too dumpy.  Owning Tinseltown isn’t enough, so Ryan decided to launch his own clothing line.  It won’t be sold at K- Mart.

LATimes asked Ryan Seacrest who he desired to boost his brand.  It didn’t mention Yeezuz.  He couldn’t think of anyone fresher than himself.

If you could pick one person to wear Ryan Sea crest Distinction to help drive sales, who would it be?

Who is [James] Bond right now? Daniel Craig? He would sell some suits.