Kate Middleton Parents Demand Quality Time With Prince George For Christmas

The holidays are quickly approaching, and everyone wants to be apart of Prince George’s first Christmas.   Kate’s dad is cool, but insiders claim her mom, Carole Middleton, is a bit rough around the edges.  Prince William loves when his wife , Kate Middleton, wears skimpy skirts, on windy days.  Nico Jackson is  busy sucking up all Pippa Middleton’s free milk.  Kate has no one to confide in, accept the 2 faced witch  who spilled the beans to OK Magazine.

Everybody has been invited to ball with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip for the holidays.

“The queen thought it would be fun if they were all together, especially as it will be Prince George’s first Christmas.  Kate’s heart sank, when the invitations went out.  She knows her smooth talking father, Michael, will be on his best behavior, but she’s not so sure about her mum, Carole.    She’s dreading that she will say something  to embarrass her.  She loves her mum, but Carole does have a tendency to be outspoken without thinking of consequences, and this will be the longest time Carole’s spent  in the company of the queen, and other members of the royal family.”

William loves Carole, and accepts her snappy attitude.  They say Kate is praying Carole Middleton doesn’t go anywhere near alcohol.  You know a drunken mind speaks the truth.

“Carole thinks that a lot of the royals lack common sense, and a real work ethic.”  but she won’t allow it to stop her from spending Christmas with Georgie.  Is Middleton between a royal rock and palace place?  Or will somebody spike her tea with ‘shut up’ shots?  Is your mum like Carole Middleton?