Kristen Stewart Feeling Lonely And Guilty For The Holiday Season – Robert Pattinson Parties To Rehab

What’s more tortuous than ranting at Siri, and getting no where?  Being alone for the holidays is roaches in the refrigerator.  While Robert Pattinson was out partying in Hollyweird, boosting his ego for sightseeing tourist, poor Kristen, was at home crying in her wine.

Halloween is a really big deal in Hollyweird, people respect the holiday more than Christmas.  Just last year, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson were a memorable couple for Hollyweird’s Halloween festivities.  .They wore matching bank robber masks, and you know K-Stew won’t  leave home without those dusty ass Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Regardless, Stewart feels so grumpy these days.  She’s horny, manless, and trying desperately to escape her Trampire past.  Paparazzi spotted the heart breaker in her Los Feliz neighborhood pumpkin patch with a few friends.  One of those two faced tramps told HollywoodLife:

“Kristen usually loves Halloween, but she is just feeling down because this time last year she was with Rob and was so happy. They wore silly masks and had a blast at the Forever Cemetery party.”

Kristen’s dingy beauty is a gift, and curse.  She ruined Rupert Sanders marriage, broke Rob’s heart, and forked up the whole Twilight Saga.

Is Kristen Stewart a victim, or a low key, blood thirsty fame whore, like Paris Hilton?