Lamar Odom Reconciles With Dad- Refuses To Speak To Khloe Kardashian- Divorce Certain

We guess blood is thicker than  water.  Either that, or somebody knocked some common sense into Lamar Odom’s ass.  TMZ dishes:

It’s the Lamar Odom reconciliation no one expected — less than a month after publicly ripping his father … TMZ has learned the two are patching things up in a big way.Joe Odom and Lamar were spotted walking together in Venice last weekend …  and sources close to the Odoms tell us they’ve been hanging out for the last week or so around Marina del Rey, where Joe lives. We’re told they’ve been hanging at the beach, eating out together, etc. — and things are going well. Lamar has even been spending nights at his dad’s place.As we reported, Lamar and his dad had a massive falling out over comments Joe made to the media, blaming the Kardashians for Lamar’s crack addiction … and calling Kris Jenner “an evil bitch.” Joe said Lamar cut off his rent soon after that.It’s unclear if Lamar will resume paying his dad’s rent — which he’s been doing for years.

Fork what everyone feels about Joe Odom.  He may be an ex druggie who was never around, but he loves his son.  Can’t you tell?  They look just alike.

Lamar Odom was simply a project plotted by  Khloe Kardashian, and the Kardashian tribe.  He sincerely thought he could handle super stardom, until he got caught cheating.  The drug allegations are likely publicity payback. If  L.O.  is on dope, we bet money his booty buddy, Jamie, has something to do with it.