LaVena Johnson – Army Still Calls Grisly Rape and Murder ‘Suicide’

SALEM) – “My daughter was raped, beaten, murdered, set on fire, then they tried to burn the tent down with her body in it.” John Johnson, father of LaVena, should never have had to say those words. His daughter suffered greatly before dying.

Linda and LaVena Johnson

But the army called her death a suicide.

The details surrounding the death of a 19-year old soldier named LaVena Johnson at Balad, Iraq, are horrible beyond the wildest imagination, and her family has to live with that every day.

The army lied repeatedly and was caught in those lies, LaVena’s father had to seek a Congressional act just to receive the details of the investigation.

It all made sense too, the army was reluctant because they were trying to cover up a brutal sex crime and murder. The victim was an exemplary soldier, daughter and human being according to those who knew her.

Her death is one more terrible result of the country’s decision to wage a war largely with contractors and mercenaries.

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