LeAnn Rimes Eddie Cibrian Show Canceled

Will Eddie Cibrian do LeAnn Rimes like Antwaun Cook did Fantasia-  go back to his wife? Sad news for all the LeAnn Rimes haters.  We couldn’t wait to pour cocktails, and laugh our asses off at LeAnn & Eddie.  Unfortunately, Hollyweird insiders say Eddie Cibrian’s first starring role is in danger of being canceled.  Not only is LeAnn fugly, but she’s boring too.

“There’s no chemistry between LeAnn and Eddie.  She spends the entire time adoring and grabbing him, and he couldn’t care less,” the insider revealed to Star.


The problem is 99% of the showmance  story line is revolved around Eddie’s ex, Brandi Glanville.  When Brandi caught wind of the hateration, she threatened Gurney Productions with a high end attorney.  Yes.  Glanville has a PR representative, and Hollywood lawyers, but she doesn’t own a home.  Anything that comes across as a diss that could damage her reputation or make her look like the slut she is on national television- she’ll file a lawsuit.

All the footage of LeAnn trashing Brandi, and acting like she isn’t a drunkard herself addicted to performance enhancing drugs cannot be used.  “LeAnn spent far too much time bashing Brandi, but the judge in Eddie’s divorce said they’re not allowed to publicly talk about her. So producers can’t use any of that footage.”

Now Gurney realizes that LeAnn FleaAnn Rimes isn’t much without being able to publicly disrespect the mother of Eddie’s kids.  Dear Gurney Productions, may we kindly suggest using a false name like ‘Candi’ instead of using Brandi?  On VH1 hit Basketball Wives, Royce Reed used ‘Dwyane’.  Everyone knew Royce was referring to her baby daddy, Dwight Howard.  We had high hopes for LeAnn & Eddie.  VH1 has never released a date for the show, and some believe they never will.