LeAnn Rimes Forced To Join Instagram

LeAnn Rimes finally joined Instagram.  Hopefully we get more Brandi beef, instead of her crummy Christmas album.  Spitfire was supposed to be her comeback.  Fans were more interested in the Eddie Cibrian showmance.

Music critics slammed Rimes efforts. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans criticized the album for the topics in the songs and none being radio friendly.

The album debuted at #7 on UK Country Albums Charts .  In Australia, Rimes staggered in at a miserable #40.  Meanwhile in the US, the album peaked at number thirty-six on the Billboard 200.  Those numbers are great if you’re a newbie like Ariana Grande.  Rimes may have a face only a mother can love, but she’s a living legend #HateItOrLoveIt.  Music executives expected more.

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Eddie Cibrian does NOT mind all the quality time in Nashville.  His kids are finally beginning to relax around FleaAnn.  Rimes has tons of money to trick, and land to live his wildest boyhood fantasies.  He was, however, kind of hoping for a bit more positive limelight.  Hollyweird considers him a cootie cat.  Cibrian’s showbiz opportunities have declined with LeAnn’s fan base.  Hopefully the new Instagram account will attract more fans to support her music.

Brandi Glanville is smashing Darin Harvey, and still living completely above her means.  We said some offensive things in the past that hurt Glanville.  She’s shied away from the limelight.  Sadly she didn’t shy away from the booze& prescription pain killers.  Admit it.  You didn’t expect LeAnn & Eddie to last this long?  Eddie surely didn’t expect Brandi to write a NY Times Best Seller, and become a household name.  Isn’t it  ironic?