LeAnn Rimes Kisses Brandi Glanville’s Kid For Photogs- Catfight Ensues- Eddie Cibrian Is Torn

Now it’s one thing to snatch a man from his wife, and children, but you’re asking for an ass whoopin’ if you try to mother another woman’s kids.  LeAnn ‘flea-Ann” Rimes is back at torturing Brandi Glanville in every way possible.  Can you believe she planted her whiskey whiskers on that poor baby?  DailyMail provided proof that Rimes desperately wants to be accepted.All better: LeAnn Rimes comforts her six-year-old stepson Jake, holding him and kissing the side of his head as his biological mother Brandi Glanville watched

Notice the little guy is holding LeAnn’s self worth in his hands.

Mason (Brandi and Eddie Cibrian’s oldest son) was having a soccer game.  Flea-Ann came to support her extended family, even bringing burgers to eat.

The country crooner unfortunately didn’t start a chicken fight.  Brandi was there too,  hiding her cheap surgery fillers behind some expensive sunglasses.

The tension is brewing, and these two enjoy the limelight.  Don’t be surprised if they actually have a physical altercation soon.  Eddie is loving it, probably picturing a naked baby oil bash with the three of them.

Take the time, and let us know.  Are you #TeamLeAnn or #TeamBrandi?