Leonardo DiCaprio Ditched Rihanna For A New Woman

Leonardo DiCaprio can have any woman in Hollywood.  The Wolf of Wall Street was making Rihanna’s panties moist a few weeks ago, but he’s already moved on .  Leo never actually publicly acknowledged ducking  Rih Rih, but prying paparazzi busted the mega stars on several occasions.  Leo is a miniature version of Jack Nicholson.  He doesn’t love anyone more than his Hollyweird career, but Rihanna was different.  Rihanna made Leonardo feel young and fresh.  She respected his privacy, and didn’t judge him based off his little black book.  We all know Rihanna is a freak without sexual boundaries.  So what happened?  Are they still dating?  Is Rih back with groupie gobbler, Chris Brown?  Is DiCaprio afraid Rihanna’s blackness may offend his hard core fans, like FKA Twigs did Rob Pattinson?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s sweet mother Irmelin straight hated on the brewing Rihanna showmance.  She gets hopeful for grand kids every time Leo starts smashing a new fling.  Moma Irmelin is disgusted by Rihanna’s past.  She’s disappointed at the Bad Gal’s Kush addiction, and trashy whore clothes.  Leo’s mom hates that he let Gisele Bundchen get away.  She adored Bar Refaeli, and would have even settled for Blake Lively.  Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother judges his girlfriends according to their mothering potential.  Rihanna is way too wild, and would only lead the Titanic star down a dark road.

Will Leo DiCaprio leave his mother, Irmelin, without a grandchild?  Maybe Leonardo is waiting to settle down after he wins an Oscar- in Nevuary.