Lil Wayne Birdman Sex Tape Exclusive

What was once a father son relationship has taken a turn for the worst. They got married in secret and now they are no longer on speaking terms.

It was only weeks ago when the internet was flooded with tweets and second-hand rumors about Lil Wayne’s departure from Cash Money Records due to the rapper being unpleased with the label’s handling of his new Carter album. As we reported here.

Then last week, we received reports that Weezy had snuck into Baby’s multi-million dollar estate, pelted his windows with a couple of rocks, and when Baby opened the window to see what all the commotion was about, there stood Weezy in the rain holding a boom box.

“It was supposed to play music but I don’t think it’s water proof,” said Weezy who then presumably cackled annoyingly.

“What are you doing out there?” asked Baby, his white satin gown blowing in the nighttime wind.

Lil Wayne says the album is complete but Birdman says there is still work that needs to be done to release the project. A source close to Weezy told us that wayne also said..
“I’m sick of this sh**, he stole my money, took my manhood and now he thinks cuz he was my first he can put my album on ice?, yeah we was in love but that’s dead, Hoe a** ni**z take it to court I’m a Real G if he don’t put that Album out ASAP I’m gone release our Sex Tape to the World”. Continue HERE