Lilly Ghalichi Headed To #RichKids

MJ and Reza are trying to remain strong, and maintain the Hollyweird persona.  Shahs of Sunset has been canceled.  The trust fund cuties are apparently too good for the people who gave them life.  They demanded more money, although ratings sagged lower than Tupac’s jeans.  While promoting the fake, next, upcoming season- haters slammed Lilly Ghalichi.  Her swimwear line is popping, and she has her own jewelry too!  Notice that the photo above is typical #GhalichiGlam

RumorFix chatted with Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Reza Farahan, and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi at Jingle Ball. Do they miss  filming without Lilly Ghalichi ?  Reza lied, “Lilly who?” GG said, “It’s actually real,” suggesting that Lilly, is fake.  Reza said, “This is the best season we’ve had so far. Bye, Felicia!”  Did MJ forget how Reza dissed her for the Persian poochie?

Shahs of Sunset MJ calls Lilly roadkillShahs of Sunset GG threatens RumorFix

Word on the streets is, Lilly is headed to star in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills alongside Dorothy Wang.  Who else has D-List power to hang out with Diana Madison?  Will we ever afford a salon appointment at Anastasia Beverly Hills?