Angelina Jolie Doppelganger Jailed For Rape

Nicolae Stan was driving a cab down a sketchy alley in Tulcea, Romania.  He picked up a leggy brunette with piercing eyes.  The gorgeous passenger was a drop dead ringer for Angelina Jolie.  He thought it was all good when he dropped her off at her apartment.  Luminita Perijoc whipped a shank out on Nicolae, and forced him to fork her right in the poochie!  He was stunned by the Lora Croft wanna-be’s ferocious colon.  She made him do it again!



“She forced me to undress, and have sex with her.  But she wasn’t satisfied, and wanted sex again.  When I refused, she threatened me with the knife and forced me to have sex again,” Stan complained.

When he couldn’t get it up a 3rd time, Perijoc sliced him up like a large pizza.  He managed to escape to the bathroom, and call the cops.  We aren’t bullshi**in.  It’s true!  Add us on Facebook…

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