Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Marriage Crisis

Did you think Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey would last?  Sure, they’re rich, beautiful, and have 2 kids at stake.  Carey has been treating Cannon  like a mitch because he’s not as fascinated with her as he used to be.  They keep dodging divorce rumors, but insiders say it’s zillions of dollars at stake.

Mariah’s ego is crushed from whispers of being a dismal judge at American Idol. She’s been leaning on Cannon, and lots of plastic surgery to renew her self-confidence.  As if selling their family home  isn’t enough, MC reportedly told  a journalist she doesn’t know where Nick is half the time.  She even confessed their plans of spending Valentines Day apart.

The sexy Valentines photos Mariah Carey posted on social media were just a media stunt.  They were taken by a professional photographer days before.  Nick Cannon was not rushing home to beat that old cat up.  Nick was at the All-star game festivities balling out.  They say she really likes Miguel because he’s star struck and into old heads.