Mark Harmon Is Hiring Extras For NCIS

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to kick your ass!”  Mark Harmon squinted his Louis Vuitton eyes, and snarled his Gucci lips.  He didn’t recognize the broke, grungy, homeless guy, and neither did the NCIS crew.  Harmon felt this guy was way too fat and ugly to be apart of his clique.  Mark finally removed his cool, and gave the stinky guy a closer look.  His heart immediately roared with laughter.

“Yeah I remember you…you sacked me good!”  This guy was Mark Harmon’s football rival back when he was quarterbacking at UCLA.  The guy had played against him a few times, and apparently spanked his booty.  They chatted about the old days, and laughed a lot.  Mark, sadly couldn’t ignore the hard times his friend had encountered.  

We know a lot of celebs who’ve not only forgotten their #dayOnes, but have also detached themselves from their old lives and changed their names.  We’re not saying Mark Harmon is a twerk queen, but he convinced executives to hire his boy.  The stinky homeless dude is now a Hollyweird extra.  Imagine.  Now he’s hanging out with Mark Harmon at Barclay Hotel in downtown LA, eating sushi.  Some say he even dyed his hair, and got a tan.

National Enquirer.