Marlene Dietrich – Original Kim Kardashian

Marlene Dietrich was a bisexual, fame obsessed, drunken, floozy according to her own grandson.  David Riva was his grandmother’s agent.  It took him 25 years to speak the disgusting  truth behind Hollywood’s sparkling veneers.  A sex goddess, and showbiz legend, Dietrich was popping her poochie long before Kim Kardashian.

National Examiner says Marlene was an extreme narcissist driven by her Beverly Hills image, and thunder cat.  Rudi Sieber had to know she was guzzling Tinseltown cocks, and licking Gucci kitten.    She bleached the floors of 5 star hotels.  but she slept around 24/7.  Marlene Dietrich, according to her own grandson, smashed:  Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, Greta Garbo, and John  Wayne.   She bragged to her only child, Maria, about forking Yul Brenner.

David said she drank like a fish, and popped pills #NoSelenaGomez.  We won’t mention her gorging on take out food, and then forcing herself to throw it all up.  Most alarming, Marlene allowed Maria (her only kid) to be raped by a lesbian nanny.  Maria tried to tell her mom to no avail.

“She was cold, and emotionally detached.  She replied, “Well you’re over it now aren’t you?  You’re not dead.  Deal with it!”

Her mansion ended up in foreclosure, and her great beauty got her an Oscar offer.  She refused the award because she was embarrassed of being old.  Poor North West.