Mechelle Epps Accepts Reality Show Offer Post Mike Epps Divorce

No role models are available in the black Hollyweird community.  Jay Z and Beyonce are on the rocks. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are swingers.  Following in the footsteps of Laker great, Derrick Fisher, and comedic geniuses Chris Roc, Steve Harvey, and Kevin Hart- Mike Epps has filed for divorce.

Fans were shocked, and surprised.  We thought Mike Epps was smart enough to peep the difference between real love, and groupie affairs.  The problem is- Epps allowed his meeting with Barack Obama, and Richard Pryor gig, cloud his vision.  Special thanks to Oprah and Lee Daniels.  Mechelle rode with Mike for over a decade.  Just like Kevin Hart’s ex wife, Mechelle McCain Epps was with him ‘shooting in the gym.’  They met on the set of “The Fighting Temptations,” where she had a small, non-speaking role as Epps’ girlfriend. Mike Epps drained her youth and body until they were married in 2006.  Although they have four daughters together, (Maddie, Mariah, Bria, and Makayla Epps) Mike divorced her!  She was blindsided, and taken off guard.  She found out he was leaving on social media.  They had a solid marriage, and never once discussed divorce as an option.

Mechelle took care of home, and supported her husband’s pursuit of his dreams.  We guess the  sexual pressure from young groupies, and gold digging, exotic, Instagram thodels, , finally got to him.  Would these types of women be interested in Mike Epps if he weren’t rich and famous?  How long will it be before Mechelle Epps accepts an offer to star on reality TV?