Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones: Fighting To End Divorce And Separation

Dehydrated tramps like Amber Heard were praying Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones called it quits.  His money is long, and he has Hollyweird’s blue blood.  Sure she’s back at home in Central Park. Catherine refuses to lose her sugar  baby, daddy to a little oral sex throat cancer.

Michael Douglas’ wife is not estranged.  All great Hollyweird couples have to endure growing old, and bored, amidst Tinseltown’s radiant beam.  Michael’s close friend told Closer, “Michael just finished four movies in one year, and he has never done that in his life.  I think he just wants to go home.”  Wouldn’t you?

The holiday season is approaching, and the A-list couple do have kids to consider.  Now that Douglas is done chasing his dreams, and ignoring his family, he can consider getting #TurnedUp for his dad’s 97th  birthday on December 9th.

Will Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones defy showbiz odds?  Did you know Catherine Zeta-Jones is rumored to have an infidelity clause in her prenup with Michael ? Jones will supposedly receive several extra millions if Douglas is unfaithful.  What do you think?