Michael Kors Admits Hating Black People

“Just for the sake of a sale I have to deal with women like Nicki Minaj? I’d rather not. After all my fans made me money, It’s only fair I be honest and let them know how I really feel.”, said ceo of Michael Kors on his twitter account.

The fashion industry is shocked from Michael Kor’s Ceo offensive statement when he said “I’m tired of pretending to like blacks.
“I cant stomach the thought of my Michael Kors purses being stuffed with synthetic hair, weave or what ever else my fans are into.” said Michael Kors.

NAHADaily Reports

  • Tanya Sullivan

    I purchased a Michael Kors purse with being ignorant to the fact that this man felt this way about Black People. Had I had any knowledge about this man’s hatred toward the African American consumer, I would not have shed a dime of my money into his pockets to help him become that much richer. I advise all consumers regrardless of race, creed, color or background to halt the support of designers or any establishment that condones racism which is a major factor in holding this country back of its full potential!!!

    • Juanika Hogue

      this is a false statement, Michael Kors did not say this the media outlet that originally posted this is a gossip magazine who reports false stories you have to consider the source. I follow him on twitter and there is no such post

      • there is always SOME truth to the rumors…

        • HoneyGolden

          EXACTLY niave people

    • It’s not that MK condones racism, He’s just to high above the ground to realize black people even exist. They are never in any of the places he frequently visits, He didn’t go to school with them, because none lived in his neighborhood. He’s just afraid they will ruin his image.

      • Tracey

        Bitch please get a lifelife, Holly Weird. And this name fits your ignorant ass!!!!

      • Lady Love

        Really Bitch fuck you and Michael Kors

      • Tabitha Fisher

        Lady, did you really say that? I don’t know where he grew up or where he attended school. But that could not be further from the truth, there are as many African Americans that are wealthy in the world as White people. Take several sits lady!!!!

      • Tracy Spence

        Why would you say something like that why are people so rude who cares if he doesn’t like me i use to dislike white people i felt yall were very ugly your children looked scary and looked like old men and women just so pale but i start serving the lord and that all changed i didn’t like yall because your ancestors was slave owners that was it now i work with a lot of them and found out some are caring and some are ignorant just like you i will continue to pray for you

    • dolly

      I agree with you, even if its allegedly said he is no doubt trying to correct the statement, I am wondering as a homosexual gay man, how have he avoided the same slanderous , discriminating & segregated remarks about him?

    • Olisha Evans

      A black person’s money is just as good as a white person’s money, and spends just the same. Didn’t MK learn from Tommy Hilfiger’s mistake?

    • Casey James

      It was a fake article published by Naha daily.

  • fuck u

    NAHA Daily be on some bullshit. Can’t trust what they say. Shit they said Allen Iverson was signing a 1 year contract for 1 million with the Cleveland cavaliers. Wearing jersey # 2 which is kyrie #…..

  • mary

    his gay ass he should be glad black women want to purchased his bags

    • Tracey


    • Octavia Lesley

      Don’t be fooled…Michael Kors didn’t just pop up on the scene, just because black women have just gotten hip to him in the last few years. His money was made long ago. The sad part is the number of black women that choose to buy a knock off instead of the real thing. I don’t believe for a moment that he made those racist statements and the site that published is a fake gossip source. Michael won’t lose sleep if black women stop supporting his brand – and then again black people aren’t serious about being respected for the consumers that they are. And yes – I am a black woman with an authentic MK bag.

      • Lady Love

        Man this is crazy to know people still think like this. What if the shoe was on the other foot, hell you’ll buy knock off too .

      • EffU

        Girl bye!! As if, white ppl dont buy knock offs. Since u made the statement, exactly how many black women buy knock off? Factual numbers please.

      • Malique Bryant Andrews

        U a dumb black bitch who traded sides

    • Reneé T. Armstead

      I never have and never WILL since seeing that.

  • latifa

    its crazy how he think that bout blacks nbs what did blacks do to him

    • Tracey

      Not a dam thing but make him money!!!

  • Ayniciay Laubminbi

    His advertisements.

  • Reneé T. Armstead

    I’m glad I never purchased one, nor know anybody who has. His stuff doesn’t look that great to me anyway.

  • mamaredbone86

    Lmao as Octavia said Michael Kors isn’t a new head he’s A BUISNESS MAN N EVERY ONE KNOWS Once THEY Lower THE PRICE “SOME” sisters living above their means will miss a bill payment to get her one…..HE DON’T GIVE A DAMN HIS POCKETS ARE LACED AND SOME CHICKS GO BROKE TRYING TO BUY HIS STUFF. ..

  • Keira S.

    Too many people hump to conclusions before finding out the facts. If this statement were true, it would be all over the media. This was posted on a gossip site. When you see it on TMZ or Dish Nation, maybe it will have a little more validity!!!

  • sweetlimbo

    i really like to listen to female fight this is getting good what’s the issue about the bag if you want it buy it

  • Corey Tims

    I was recently sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee inside SouthCenter Mall, in Seattle, WA. Across from Starbucks is Michael Kors and several other stores. A security guard walks over to me and says ” the women in Michael Kors think that you’re staring and keeping tabs on them.. They are uncomfortable”! I said ” huh”! Keep in mind, I’ve spent over $3,000 @ Michael Kors over the past three months. I guess they think that a young black man should be at work during this time of day and not sitting, having coffee.. I may do a lot of things… Chasing women isn’t one of them.. Please pass this on!!! Racism at its best!!!! Hiring an Attorney!!

  • Sometimes, you just have to let out the truth.

    If you don’t, it would come out through another way.

    I am not surprised if Michael Kors is a racist. He is not the only secret racist in the fashion, media, or any other industry in this world. There are many of them like him or worse.