Michelle Williams Demands Plane Delivered Kush ?

A little bitty plane suspected of making a Kush delivery was found mangled in the middle of San Diego.  The aircraft was drone- like, and ultra light.  It was large enough to transport at least 250 lbs of Bubba Granddaddy Purple Haze, according to authorities.  The pilot disappeared quicker than Demi Moore’s wedding, and baby shower invitations.   Junior Seau is resting in peace, so who else could possibly afford plane delivered marijuana?  Mariah Carey made Nick Cannon her sex slave.  He can’t chill and get high.  Reggie Bush is busy missing Kim Kardashian, and all the Hollywood glitz.  Does he take a toke sometimes?  Can you help us think of anyone in Hollywood with too much spare time, and no casting couch offers hiding out an San Diego?