Mimi Faust Sex Tape Killed Her Dad – Love & Hip Hop

We are Love & Hip Hop fans, right along with the rest of white America.  We watched the controversial reality series unfold, despite the fried chicken & watermelon stigma.  In the wake of Mimi Faust sex tape scandal, we watched in horror as her dad suffered a stroke and eventually died. Faust revealed a troubled childhood early on, but we never imagined she’d sell shower rods for porn.  Nikko, a well known, married, bi-sexual- leaked the tape to boost his career.  Some even suspect Mimi was down for the Jedi Mind Trick.

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Mimi’s granny porn ‘leaked’ on the May 7 episode of Love & Hip Hop.  Stevie J was embarrassed, to say the least.  “This is the moment I’ve been dreading, but I knew it had to happen at some point,” Mimi alluded to super stardom.  Mimi didn’t get paid like Kim Kardashian, but she didn’t bust it open for free, like Joseline Hernandez.  Faust fans, and co-stars, reacted with hatred and disbelief.

On May 8th, Mimi cried on social media.  Her beloved father went to be with Jesus.  We aren’t saying the sex tape killed Mimi daddy.  The premeditated porn gave her fame.  The Hollywood scandal, and her dad’s death, obviously, has an uncanny relation.  Did you realize Faust dad passed away seconds after the porno leak?  How will Eva, Steebie and Mimi’s daughter, react when she’s old enough to understand?

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