Misty Upham Murdered

Calling for action: She warned Misty feared 'she could be murdered' and had suffered horrible violence 

Why would anyone want to murder Misty Upham?  Juliette Lewis is positive Misty did not commit suicide.  Now Upham’s family is lying saying she ‘FELL’ to her death.


An estimated one in three Native American women are assaulted or raped in their lifetimes, and three out of five experience domestic violence. But in the cases of Brunner and her mother, the assailants were white, not Native American, and that would turn out to make all the difference.

For decades, when a Native American woman has been assaulted or raped by a man who is non-Indian, she has had little or no recourse. Under long-standing law in Indian country, reservations are sovereign nations with their own police departments and courts in charge of prosecuting crimes on tribal land. But Indian police have lacked the legal authority to arrest non-Indian men who commit acts of domestic violence against native women on reservations, and tribal courts have lacked the authority to prosecute the men. – Washington Post

This whole ordeal seems a bit fishy.  What do you think?