Meet Nick Loeb Rebound Ho – Katheryn Winnick

Guess who was spotted with dilated pupils tweeking around the sex shop?  Sofia Vergara’s ex, Nick Loeb.  Katheryn, a martial arts goddess, is Nick’s new pastime.  Santa Monica cameras spotted the duo leaving a local weed dispensary, and then sex toy shopping.  It was there first real date.  Katheryn Winnick is clawing her way up Hollyweird’s slimy pole.  Nick Loeb is the biggest fish she’s ever caught.  She wasted no time sharing her black belt bedroom tricks with Nick.

Maybe you’ve seen her in- House, The Glades, Bones, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, and Nikita? Nick Loeb is just happy to get some respect.  Sophia Vergara’s snootiness grew with her stardom.  Loeb is still heart -broken.  He was rocked by Sofia’s swift  rebound showmance with Joe Manganiello.  His ex is engaged, and hiring a surrogate.  Loeb may as well beat Katheryn Winnick’s humble, young, cakes to smithereens.  Nobody else cares.  Lagertha is flattered to have Vergara’s sloppy seconds.  She even dyed her hair darker, and started emphasizing her Ukrainian accent.

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