Music Industry Slams Kylie Jenner Pop Star Dreams – Video

To the Left- Taylor Swift and Rihanna.  Kylie Jenner is grateful to be the subject of hot gossip.  Before, we only knew her as a Kardashian want-to-be.  She isn’t just Kim’s ratchet little sister anymore.  Now, her dad, Bruce Jenner, is considered a hero for coming out as a transvestite.  Kendall Jenner is living her modeling dreams.  Kris Jenner is dating a young black guy, so she’s really happy.

Kylie Jenner didn’t just snatch Blac Chyna’s baby’s daddy  without reason.  Despite his financial struggles and ongoing beef with his record label,Tyga is a good dude.  Being his concert groupie keeps her busy when Kendall is off modeling.  Momager Kris is obligated to the biggest money makers- Kendall and Kim Kardashian.  Things with Kylie, and her dad are too weird to discuss, but she loves him.  Kylie took the last few years to focus on her own dreams, and goals.  Kim taunted her with threats of ending up like Rob.

She raked in millions from Kylie Hair Koutoure, but it just wasn’t her passion.  The exclusive Pac Sun clothing line with Kendall made Khloe Kardashian happy, but nah…Kylie Jenner is focused strictly on music these days.  Spending endless nights in the studio with Tyga lit a fire deep inside.   Tyga collaborating with greats like Drake and Justin Bieber really inspired her. Her brother-in-law, Kanye West, is a super producer.  Some even say that Tyga left YMCMB to sign under Ye’s Good Music label.

Rumors claim the music industry is not welcoming Kylie.  Most models are jealous of Kendall too.  Don’t they have enough beauty, fame, and money already?  You may doubt Kylie Jenner’s musical talent, but you cannot deny Kris Jenner’s Hollyweird connections.  Will Kyie Jenner be the next Katy Perry, or Ke$ha? On a recent episode of KUWTK, Kris mentions Kylie “singing around the house.”  Jenner has millions of fans already.  Can Kanye West, and Tyga make her a pop star?    Watch the video of Kylie Jenner singing below.  Will this be her ticket outside her family’s shadow?