Kevin Hart Seeks Therapy For Survivors Guilt Depression

Kevin Hart tbt

Kevin Hart has made more money than he could ever imagine.  His model fiance, and Comedic Genius Award won’t erase the pain.  Kevin Hart is suffering from success, and we heard he has a therapist on call 24/7.  Nothing can stop Kevin’s survivors guilt.

Holy shit….my brother just sent me this picture yesterday….now before y’all start killing me let me break this picture down for you guys!!!!! This picture makes me miss the shit out of my mom. This picture shows you guys where I am from and what I had….it was damn near nothing but my mom did a great job of loving the shit out of me and that made me happy!!! This was my birthday and all I wanted was a cake and she made me one. Look closely at this picture….there is tuna fish and sardines on the kitchen sink….that’s what I was raised on. There is a piece of card board right above my head, that’s suppose to be a kitchen cabinet. My bed room was right next to the kitchen…it was actually a hallway with bunk beds in it. This is why I will never let this business change me….I came from nothing and I’m glad because that is what made me the man that I am today!!!! I love and miss you Nancy Hart….thank you for being such a amazing mother and friend and teacher!!!!! Ok now y’all can start killing me – Kevin Hart