Jimmy Fallon Divorce Nightmare

Jimmy Fallon departs his Manhattan residence with his injured hand while en route to work

Jimmy Fallon blamed his finger injury on being clumsy, but that’s a lie. Fallon has been celebrating his new gig all over Hollyweird. Insiders claim Jimmy was Lindsay Blohan faded at NYC’s Scalinatella with a gang of young hoes. Jimmy was knocking back drinks like a frat boy.  That’s how he tripped, fell, and broke his finger.

Nancy Juvonen is aging from being forced to care for the babies, Winnie and Frances, alone. They’ve been married nearly 10 years.  She sacrificed her dreams to support his. Now Nancy’s growing disgusted with Jimmy’s childish behavior and public indecency. Every since the 2nd kid’s arrival, Jimmy has been acting more and more single- and spending less and less time bonding with his family. Nancy expects her husband to celebrate…a little! She’s in love with the passion he holds for comedy.  Nancy, however, feels blindsided by his rumored infidelities, and countless hours away from home.  She’d hope kids would settle is boiling ego, but no.  Jimmy is in love with showbiz, and all the perky titty ‘perks’ that come along with the territory.

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He’s known in Hollywood circles for taking young interns out for dinner after taping.  Don’t Forget:  Sean Penn cheated on Charlize Theron with a set extra.  Nancy’s just sick of it!  How can he care for a family?  Jimmy Fallon can barely care for himself.  Nancy Juvonen is quieting threatening divorce.  Jimmy is secretly happy and wants to be free to fork these young groupies, and slide in George Clooney’s old slot.

The Tonight Show’s producers are wondering if they’ve made a mistake.  Can Fallon handle the pressure without sacrificing his wife and kids in the meantime?

“There have been at least two other occasions when he almost missed a show, breezing in an hour before filming, really hung over,” a snitch told Star Magazine.  “Jimmy behaves like a frat boy with no responsibilities, but a lot of people rely on him for their livelihoods.  He’s a disaster waiting to happen.  He’s going to ruin his whole life if he doesn’t stop partying.”

Which will happen 1st?  Jimmy’s firing from NBC?  Jimmy Fallon’s divorce from Nancy Juvonen?  Or rehab, and reality TV?